A Story
about a Donkey
in the School

A donkey wanted to learn to read. He bought a pair of obstacles, because he had seen that the scholars wore such things. He was wandering around a village and finally saw a house that could be a school. He put his head through a window and looked inside. Oh my God, thought the donkey. This is how they learn to read! He saw two men sitting inside the room and both of them had a young boy between his legs. A third child was sitting on the floor without pants and his face was full of passive sorrow. He had a book in his hand, but he did not seem to have any great interest in the book. The men, who must be the schoolmasters, or at least one of them, but which one, were holding the boys gently and smiling quietly while the boys were studying something that was hidden between the legs of the schoolmasters. Could there possibly be letters or something else that could help them to learn how to read?
    The donkey felt somewhat uneasy and decided to look into another window.

    The methods that were used for learning to read in the other room were even more peculiar and still as surprising as in the first room. What on earth do they teach in this school, thought the donkey. There were two boys reading books, one of them even asking something from the other reader, who however was concentrating on his own reading and not paying any attention on things going on in the classroom. And what kind of things! The schoolmaster of this room was pushing a thick piece of wood into, dare I say what, into a pupil’s asshole. And another pupil was serving his bottom for the same kind of treatment. How did this help them to learn reading and other things?
    And the donkey thought that if he only could read, he would know what was written on a board on the classroom wall.

    Night was falling and the poor donkey had not yet learnt a single letter. It was turning wild in the school. There were crawling creatures on the floor. Small ladders had appeared out of nothing and there were children trying to climb up the ladders and an adult looking monster was lying on the floor and trying to swallow those children. The donkey got very much afraid and he decided that school is not for him. He can do without reading, if learning demands so much pain. And the donkey left his obstacles behind and returned where he had come from.